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pain success stories

"Dr. Sharon,
Much sincere thanks for keeping me on the long road to "almost" complete recovery from neck fusion surgery when the scalpel doctors ' promises fell short. Chiropractic and other alternative therapies are the solution. That heated spinalator is so helpful and the one special adjustment you made moved my recovery a big giant step by lowering the chronic pain level significantly. You and InMotion are here. Get the word out to pre¬ surgery candidates and the general public that non-invasive methods are the solution. And your kind spirit reinforces the bodys’ good energies to gently heal the spirit- body."
Elmer M.

"A mutual friend introduced me to Dr. Fitelson in August of 1993. At the time I was suffering from a shoulder injury which occurred while skiing the previous winter. After seven months of physical therapy and two invasive diagnostic X -Ray tests, my prominent orthopedic surgeon advised that I have exploratory shoulder surgery, as we really don't know what exactly is wrong with your shoulder.  He had been unable to diagnose the affected muscles and the surrounding joints.

I was unfamiliar with chiropractic medicine. I was also doubtful that a physician could, by manipulation and adjustment, significantly improve or heal my shoulder.

After my first consultation and x-rays, she knew what was going on. She had my shoulder joints and muscles moving. After three months my shoulder had progressed to such a point that it had become stronger and more flexible.

I have continued to consult "Dr. Fit", as I call her for many different skeletal or muscle related maladies and have always received the finest chiropractic care imaginable. She is truly an outstanding physician who takes hugs as well as "thank yous." I recommend her to others who are hurting and will continue to do so."
Ken G.

"Since I started coming to lnMotion about nine months ago, the change in my life has been dramatic. 'Thanks to Dr.Fitelson, I can now walk 3 miles without pain. My husband and I recently returned from a trip to London, where we walked, and walked and walked, which is something I couldn't have done when I first started coming. In fact, when I first started working with Dr. Fitelson, walking any distance was painful with both of my feet and calves hurting horribly. Now I am able to walk eight mile s a day routinely!

The secret is in both the adjustments and the exercises that I was given. Now I exercise muscles that I didn't knowI had and the change in my body is dramatic. The best change however is in my attitude. Dr Fitelson, thank you for your help and encouragement. You have made a real difference in my life, and I am extremely grateful."
Toby E.

"The InMotion Health Center is a veritable Oz. I came like the Tin Man, stiff, pained and pinched, head full of straw, body scared and timid. The physical and educational program undertaken by Drs. Fitelson and Neff and by Tom Hollander, CTA, oiled away my rust, gave me a full head of wheat and bold leonike moves. Now my learning has legs."
Naomi L.

"I Couldn't Walk, Sharon Saved My Summer.

My name is Maggie. I am 19 years old and a sophomore at Mizzou. I have known Dr. Fitelson for a long time and she has helped me and my family numerous times. I was on vacation and out of nowhere I had a horrible shooting pain in my foot. Without exaggerating it was one of the worst pains I have ever felt in my life. But it didn't last that long, maybe about 5 seconds. Then the next day I felt it again right on the top of my foot above my arch. That time it lasted about 10 seconds and it happened about 3 times. Each day the pain got worse, lasted longer and happened more often. Then I started even having numbness and tingling my foot and it was getting harder to walk. It got so bad that I couldn't wear any type of shoe and not only could I not walk without crutches, but I couldn't even move my foot around because the air on it started up that shooting pain. At night I had to sleep with my foot on a pillow and no covers could touch it. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who took x-rays (which he said came back normal) and said to take anti-inflammatory medication and come back if the pain continued. I took it and there was only an increase in pain. I knew if I went back he would only give me more medicine and I knew that wasn't what I needed .

So I went to another doctor who got worried about the numbness and tingling so he sent me for an MRl of my spine thinking it was a nerve communication problem. I took the MRl then waited for the results which came back normal. By this time my foot was also ICE cold and then burning hot which was really weird. When I went back to my doctor he wanted me to get a CT scan and he sent me to a vascular surgeon because he thought it could be a circulatory problem. The Vascular Surgeon said he didn't know why my doctor wanted a CT scan when it was obvious that the problem was in my foot. So he ordered an MRl of my foot and ankle. And he had me take a blood test for gout. The MRl came back to say that I had an inflamed joint and all they could do is give me more anti-inflammatory drugs, and send me back to the same orthopedic surgeon I started with . My blood test also came back negative. I was getting worried because I had a big month of traveling coming up in 1 week and I couldn't move my foot.

Well I talked to Sharon and told her everything she said she knew in her heart that she could help me but she would have to examine my foot, which meant touching it (OUCH!)! So I said ok, because I have tried everything else. She looked at my X-rays and took some more from different angles. She said that I had a bone in my ankle tilting out of place. This bone was pinching a nerve and constricting a major vein in my foot, which is what was causing the weird temperature changes and numbness. When in her office she asked me to move my foot and I couldn't I had lost all control of flexing my foot and wiggling my toes. She adjusted it and right away I had almost a 90% increase in flexibility and the pain was gone!! I did go back one more time because I wanted her to check up on it. But I have not had a problem since. She could see things that all my other doctors at the hospital could not. I was SHOCKED! I limped in her office with crutches and tears; I walked out with a smile. Thanks Sharon!!! ! I had a great vacation, and left my crutches at home."
Maggie M.

"First of all, I'd like to say "thank you" to Dr. Neff.
I came to Dr. Neff for treatment of my TMJ. I'd been suffering for about 2 ½ years and tried every treatment I could find, including hypnotherapy with no relief. I suffered with bad headaches, sleeplessness, jaw and face pain. I didn't have a lot of hope after all the failed treatments, but after just one treatment with Dr. Neff, I felt some relief. Within two weeks, I was free of headaches and jaw pain. It was a miracle and Dr. Neff is the miracle worker. 
Thanks again, Dr. Neff!"
 Christine C.

"Dear Dr. Neff:
I am writing to let you know what a wonderful experience I’ve had at InMotion Health Center. Over the past 18 months, I have had two significant bouts with pain and discomfort. Both times, I have had almost instant relief. Moreover, your staff has been unfailingly friendly and accommodating. I would gladly recommend you and your staff to anyone I know. I am most grateful for not only your professional treatment, but for the quality of your services. I am 100% confident that your treatment has made a huge difference in reducing my pain and discomfort. Thanks a million!"
Mark M.

"Some 5 weeks ago I came to you in desperation. For 25 straight nights prior to that my sleep was interrupted two and three times each night by severe upper back pain. The medical profession has prescribed 3 different drugs for pain as well as a neck traction device. Essentially these things did not alter my condition. Now with the chiropractic manipulations, the acupuncture, the massages and the exercises, my condition has improved remarkably... No more waking up in pain. In fact, the pain is almost non-existent. Now I work on the upper body machine to strengthen the upper back muscles.  I would not hesitate to tell, in fact I have told, many folks of the good work you, Dr. Neff, have done as my primary doctor, but also the good work Dr. Fitelson... and the whole team at InMotion Health Center have done as well."
Richard S.

"A year ago I was diagnosed with a mild neuromuscular disorder with no attributable cause. The resulting symptoms were muscle numbness, soreness, cramps. Because the cause was unknown, no effective treatment was found. Recently I decided (hesitantly) to try acupuncture as a treatment and immediately had symptom relief. Thanks to you and my ongoing treatments I am now successfully managing my physical condition and have resumed my normal life style." 
Jim M

"After recently reinjuring my neck and upper back region, and feeling no relief from muscle relaxers, I decided to seek the help of a chiropractor for the first time. I was fortunate to have Dr. Neff referred to me. After my initial visit with Dr. Neff, I felt relief and better than I had in years!
After only a few adjustments and treatment, my neck and back pain are gone! In addition to my neck and upper back pain, I've had foot pain (plantar fasciitis) for fifteen years and had become increasingly fearful of simply just exercising (moderate at best) and reinjuring myself. Treatment I've received from other doctors (general practitioner, podiatrists) in the past were either cortisone injections or pain relievers; the pain would always resurface. 

The adjustments have helped relieve my foot pain as well. The treatment Dr. Neff has provided exceeded my expectations and given me hope and confidence in being able to live a pain¬free, healthy, and active life. Thank you Dr. Neff!
Also, I noticed that after only three sessions of adjustments, much to my amazement and joy, I've experienced significantly less painful menstrual cramps (This was not even on my radar). I feel better after every session and have noticed my overall energy has improved (walking longer distance, etc.) I wish I hadn't waited so long to see a chiropractor. Dr. Neff has made a tremendous difference in my health and life, for which I am incredibly grateful!

I can't thank Dr. Neff and InMotion enough for their dedication and patience in helping me!"
Eternally grateful and a patient for life,
Shirley M.

"I highly commend Dr. Neff and the staff for the good chiropractic care and healing I've experienced as a patient at Inmotion Health Center. I was in a great deal of lower back pain when I came for my first appointment with Dr. Neff about six weeks ago. It was the first time I had ever been to a chiropractor. I came out of desperation, a bit dubious that anyone could really help me. However, I was so wrong.

Through the expertise of Dr. Neff and other members of the staff, I am almost pain free! I have found everyone on staff to be professional, respectful, and compassionate. I am confident that the difficulties I have experienced from my long-standing back problems will continue to diminish, while my flexibility and lower back strength improve.

A word of thanks, also, to the receptionists! They are always pleasant, considerate, and helpful. Their kind manner certainly helps to lessen the discomfort one might be feeling.

Dr. Neff is a wonderful healing physician. I know that I am so fortunate to experience his care and am grateful for his patience and determination in helping me feel and function better, even when I was feeling a bit hopeless. I hope he realizes what a great gift he has and how well he shares it with all of his patients."
Pat K.

"Dr. Greg Neff,
"Thank you so much for taking care of me. Being a practicing chiropractor myself for 25 years, I have been adjusted by many fellow chiropractors. None are as skilled and proficient as you, but many are closer in proximity. I hope that your patients truly know what an excellent healing physician you are."
Thanks again, Dale F.

"Dr. Neff,
This is to thank you for the treatment you gave me regarding the sciatic nerve in my right leg. I had never been to a Chiropractor before, so I did not know what to expect. I only prayed that you would be able to help me regarding the pain I was having in my leg. This was the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life. The pain was so severe that I could not walk more than 20 yards without having to stop and let the pain subside. At times the pain was so bad I could not stand on my leg.

After seeing you for just one week, four visits, the pain started to lessen. After another three visits, the pain was 90% gone and I was able to lead a normal life. After a month, the pain was completely gone.

For anyone who may have doubts about what Chiropractic care can do for them, take it from me, it can restore you back to health and allow you to live a normal life. If l ever have any problems in the future, your office will be the first place I will go to. I would refer anyone I know to your office without hesitation because of the excellent care you gave me.

Thanks again for the care you gave me."
Tim B.

"My name is Lucia V, and I come from Nicaragua, Central America. I've been having problems on the upper part of the left side of my head, hear, neck, and currently eye. I went to several medical centers getting, as a result, more complications. There were moments that I thought I wouldn't get better at all, until I came to this center realized that there was still hope.

Since the first day of my visit, I felt confident, with the interest of Dr. Neff, to find the real problem that was affecting my health. He checked me out personally and then, as a final step, (I guess because, you know, I not a Doctor) to prove his theory he sent me to have an X-ray, to start with the right treatment. Believe me, I did everything he told me to do, as I really want to be cured, because it's not easy to feel or think that you are losing several senses of your body.

As I explained to Dr. Neff, that part of my face was numb, and even when I tried hard to feel something it wouldn't happen. It worries me more when my eye started having pain; it was like if someone was pulling from the inside of my head. I couldn't think straight for the pain having a wear sensation of losing control of myself. Luckily, after some therapies, I started feeling the change of the treatment. It made me feel positive immediately that everything was going to be all right. Now, after several months of treatment, I feel really good .

I want to thanks Dr. Neff and all the staff of the center for all their advice, concern, understanding, help and expertise. Thank you, for giving me the chance to live my life without any pain and worrying. Yes, WORRYING, because that was what I really had, after all; knowing myself sick and unable to find the right path to start the right treatment.

I can't find the right words to explain how I really feel, all I know is that I really appreciate, and thank God for giving me a second chance. "
Lucia V.

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Fitelson for 4-5 years, since I began having problems with vertigo and dizziness. She initially suggested acupuncture and adjustments and we began a series of treatments that reduced the frequency of the problem. From there she suggested quarterly “maintenance” treatments, and after a few more of those, I noticed no more vertigo, dizziness, and no headaches! Without her adjustments and acupuncture treatments, I would’ve gone out of mind. I credit my recovery to Dr. Fitelson. "
Larry G.

"Dr. Sharon Fitelson is amazing and has remarkable skill and intuition as a chiropractor!
With her skills, in only a month she was able to relieve head and neck pain that has been with me since 1985.

Many before her (other chiropractors, physical therapists, rolfers and massage therapists) have tried to achieve full movement in my cervical spine, or at least relieve the pain. All had limited results.

But Dr. Sharon knew a different and better way to relieve the pressure and pain at the back of my skull, at the top of my spine. She listened and took the time to figure it out and did some adjustments that my body literally craved.

She also worked wonders with my lower cervical spine, where the shoulders attach, and in the hip area.
I just cannot thank her enough. I recommend her to my friends and am confident that she will also make a difference in their pain and improve their daily lives."
Very sincerely,
Kellie T.
A very grateful patient

holistic success stories

"Over 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In that time span, I have spent countless hours and dollars doing research, visiting doctors and trying all sorts of drugs, herbs and supplements. Through Dr. Sharon Fitelson and her staff at InMotion Health Center, I am finally finding some relief. The following are a few key elements to their success:
  • Very individualized, supportive, and "whole-person" Doctor I Patient relationship (many doctors "dismiss" Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as it is a mysterious condition with no "cure-all")
  • Positive, but realistic "coach-like" attitude
  • Patient listening and thorough charting of symptoms (Irritable Bowel Syndrome is very complex , hinging on many factors such as stress, diet, hormones , etc.)
  • Thoughtful approach to treatment , a gradual , "stepped approach", and the willingness to assess results realistically
InMotion is giving me the treatment, tools, and support I need to deal with this condition and lead a much fuller, healthy life."

"Fifteen years ago I came to Dr. Fitelson with a lower back injury. I had injured my lower back at work. I was sent to the orthopedic doctor for the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team. I was assigned physical therapy and traction for eight weeks. Upon finishing the eight weeks I was still miserable. A friend suggested that I see Dr. Fitelson. Thank God I did. After the first visit I immediately felt some relief. Within a four week period I was doing everything I had done previous to the injury.

Since that time I have been coming to Dr. Fitelson regularly. As a health and physical education teacher of thirty years I know the importance of good health and fitness. I have found the combination of massage and general maintenance to be a positive force in my life. Seeing Dr. Fitelson has been an integral part of my fitness routine. As a result I have more energy, feel relaxed and healthier.

During that period I have referred many friends to Dr. Fitelson. All with the same positive results. I referred one friend in particular who was dealing with the mental and physical aspects of being recently paralyzed. She was suffering from depression and chronic pain . Through a combination of acupuncture and spinal manipulation Dr. Fitelson was able to change the energy level in her body. She was able quit taking anti¬ depressants and other prescription drugs for pain. I witnessed a great turn around in this persons’ life as a result of Dr. Fitelson.

Today I consider Dr. Fitelson a friend. Over the years I have witnessed her commitment and dedication to the community through volunteering her time to educate others on a variety of health issues and in her support of various organizations and events. She has empowered countless people with her healing touch."
Sandy S.

"I have been a patient of hers for over 22 years and would not be the healthy fifty-year-old person that I am if it wasn't for Dr. Fitelson and her wonderful staff.

She has seen me through chronic low back problems that now rarely bother me. She has also treated my elbow tendonitis , and most recently has been treating my gastrointestinal problems and TMJ problems with acupuncture.

Any one of the conditions she treated me for could have kept me from leading an active life, if I had limited myself to a traditional medical approach. Happily, chiropractic is now given the respect that it deserves. Not only is she an accomplished chiropractor and acupuncturist, she has all of the tools to treat the "whole person" and not just the current symptom .I always tease her that she doesn't charge for the "talk therapy."
She has been a great resource in terms of nutrition, emotional well-being and especially women's health issues. It is absolutely inspiring to hear her lecture on women's health or nutrition.

She has successfully seen me through the years at every stage, and has treated my husband and daughter, not to mention the many friends that have gone to see her.

One more really wonderful thing about Dr. Fitelson is her willingness to see me as quickly as possible if I am hurting. I know I won't have to wait days and weeks for an appointment.

Sharon, thanks for being so good at what you do!

To lnMotion Potential Patients:
Dr. Sharon Fitelson has been my chiropractor for almost three years. She has helped me immeasurably with my desire to be healthy and feel good! I have benefited not only from her chiropractic adjustments, but I've also used other services provided at lnMotion, including massage therapy , acupuncture, and Juice Plus.

Not only is Dr. Fitelson a kind and understanding caregiver, she genuinely shows an interest in your problems. She provides a calm, relaxing atmosphere in the office that promotes healing for body, mind, and spirit.

Acupuncture has helped with some health issues that had been bothering me for quite some time. When doctors couldn't solve the issue and kept giving me different medications, ("Here, try this. It may help, but if it doesn't, we have other things we can try!) I became very discouraged. Acupuncture has had some very remarkable results.

The massage therapists at lnMotion are truly wonderful! The benefits of massage are undervalued - I've experienced not only deep relaxation and contentment, but more importantly, relief from facial pain and muscular discomfort . The therapists here are truly professionals who work with the doctors to help you achieve the health you desire and deserve.

My husband and I both use the Juice Plus system. He's taken Juice Plus for several years and I've recently begun. He hasn't had a cold since he's taken it! I'm feeling better every day!

If you are new to chiropractic therapy or are just looking for a new chiropractor to help with your health concerns , you've come to the right place. lnMotion provides a solid support system in a variety of ways to help you feel your best!"
Carol B.

"The first thing I noticed about InMotion Health Center was that there was a peaceful atmosphere both at the check-in desk and in the waiting room, with lovely music piped in. I have been in lots of medical offices before, and the norm in most of those offices, in contrast, is frantic activity, rushing, and loud phone conversations between receptionists and patients, and often a blaring TV. First impressions are lasting, and I still find InMotion to be a quiet "oasis" of peace.

Another contrast was that Dr. Fitelson spent time with me, getting to know my health concerns, while considering me a partner in the process. Gradually the best regimen became clear: regular adjustments, prescribed exercises, acupuncture and massage, supplemented with JuicePlus and JuicePlus Vineyard Blend. Originally my complaint was chronic back pain; over the years, my back has slowly gotten better and better. Acupuncture has reduced my blood platelet count by 100,000--important because of a blood disorder that I have. And JuicePlus Vineyard Blend has lowered my high "bad" cholesterol by 20 points. More recently I have been given better range of motion in arthritic fmgers through acupuncture treatments . Dr. Fitelson sets the tone for compassionate care--and GOOD RESULTS!

All the staff at InMotion give personal and loving care. They go the extra mile. Dr. Neff came in on his day off to give me treatment after I had fallen in the bathtub early that morning. And he retrieved my keys out of my locked car, to boot! That's what I call full service!

All the massage therapists are hand-picked and excellently qualified, and "the proof is in the pudding," as they say. A massage addiction is a healthy addiction for me!

The staff members are also very dear. They show great patience with rescheduling appointments for me when I have a calendar conflict. And all the associates are so respectful and they seem to work together so well..
I have often joked with Dr. Fitelson that she should begin giving Frequent Customer Points--I know I'd be one of the top customers! It is well worth the investments of time and expense. I'm happy that I have had the privilege of being helped by one and all at InMotion!"
Sister Janet D.

ACUPUNCTURe miracles

"Dear Dr. Fitelson,
I am writing this letter with my most sincere thanks. Unfortunately , the English language does not contain the words necessary for me to parlay the depth of my gratitude . As you know, I recently suffered a serious brain injury from a fall in my home. In addition to the severe concussion, I also had no short-term memory, little long-term memory , and major motor-skill dysfunction . I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and stayed for several days. After a series of MRIs, CAT Scans, and X-Rays, we discovered no trauma that would require surgery. That was the good news. The bad news came when the Neurologist could not explain my uncontrollable, seizure-like shaking. It was nearly constant, and intensified the terrible headache I was suffering from my swollen brain. After another day or so in ICU, I was told that there was no treatment plan for the shaking. Since the cause was unknown, treatment was unknown as well. No one could even speculate as to the duration of this condition. I became very frightened. I am a young man, and did not want to spend the rest of my days in muscular seizure. The doctors at the hospital suggested that I stay a while longer for observation. Since, neither treatment nor explanation was offered I opted to leave.

I hopingly said," This is nothing that some massage and acupuncture can't help." I left. The next morning, I came to InMotion for a 90 min massage with Erin. She was great. For the first time in a week I was able to be still. Then came you. I always had faith in your competence as a physician, and what truly amazed me was the rapid effectiveness of your treatment. You and Dr. Neff had me back to work in one week when I was told I would not be able to work for as many as six weeks.

Now that I am fully recovered, I frequently reflect on my near-death experience and realize that I am very lucky . I am lucky to be happy and healthy again, and I am very lucky to know you and the rest of the staff at InMotion Health Center.

I wish you much love and again my sincerest gratitude."
Your Friend, Jesse L

"I have suffered from sinus infections for the past ten years. My sinus problems were so acute I required an antibiotic prescription at least twice a year. Since undergoing acupuncture treatment for the past year at Inmotion Health Center, I have not had any sinus problems even during hay fever season! As a bonus, the acupuncture treatments have also boosted my overall energy levels."
Tim D

"Thank you Greg!
When my podiatrist suggested acupuncture on my existing heel spurs on both feet, I was skeptical. I had never had acupuncture before and am not "needle-friendly". However, it seemed my only other alternative was invasive surgery that required months of rehab and time off the job.
But I am totally sold on it! Dr. Neff provided a safe, relaxing environment that allowed the procedure to easily be administered. Similar to a massage, I was able to concentrate on my breathing and healing throughout. My heel spurs were affecting my day-to-day activities due to inflammation. Over a period of 8 months, my acupuncture sessions eliminated the inflammation and have allowed me to resume my treadmill and weight lifting activities.
Thank you Greg!"
Dave S.

"I wanted to send a quick note in reference to my experience at INMOTION HEALTH CENTER. My original problem was a torn, right hamstring muscle, which occurred while lifting weights. Over an eight¬week period, I re-injured the muscle, and it worsened to the point where I was dragging my leg, and I felt excruciating pain no matter what position I was in.

As time went on, it was clear that I was getting worse, not better. At the suggestion of my personal trainer, I contacted Dr. Gregory Neff. When I talked with his office and told them of the severity of my injury, they were able to work me in the same day. After evaluating the situation, Dr. Neff suggested using acupuncture to treat the injury. I have never tried acupuncture or known anyone who has. In addition, I have an aversion to needles, so needless to say, I was a bit nervous at the thought of that treatment. However, I was in so much pain I was willing to try anything.

The acupuncture treatments were painless and my leg started feeling better after the very first session. After only a week and a half, the pain was completely gone and I could walk as if nothing had ever been wrong with my leg. In fact, it was hard to keep from resuming exercise and other activities too soon, because there was no pain, and it seemed as if my leg was completely healed .

I firmly believe that acupuncture does work and that I healed faster than I would have if more conventional treatments had been used. In fact, I'm such a strong believer; I am now taking acupuncture treatments to treat my chronic sinus problems."
 Dave R.

"To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to thank the staff at Inmotion for their caring and helpfulness, particularly Dr. Gregory Neff.
I met Dr. Neff December 16th, 2002, after several months of pain in my legs, so bad at times I could hardly walk. I had been diagnosed with spinal stenosis; the doctors I saw were too eager to prescribe pain pills and/or surgery. I'd heard good things about acupuncture from family and friends and decided to "go for it".

Dr. Neff laid out a plan of action and we got started. I felt better after the first session. Dr. Neff cares for and listens to his clients. This care led to my getting my blood pressure medicine changed, as my blood pressure was dangerously high. I asked if there were any exercises I should or should not do, and he gave me some to strengthen my back, something I did not get from the doctors.

He has been treating me with acupuncture, not only for the pain, but also for high blood pressure. My blood pressure is within normal range, and I am able to walk and participate in an exercise program."
Again, my sincere thanks,
Constance W.

"For many months I had suffered from peripheral neuropathy, a nerve condition in my legs and feet. I had, also, a problem in my right knee. After many consultations, x-rays, etc., etc., and I might add, at great expense, nothing seemed to give me any sort of relief from pain.

A friend of mine recommended that I contact Dr. Greg Neff at InMotion Health Center at 7800 Clayton Road. After my very first acupuncture procedure, I felt better and was relieved from some pain. I now see Dr. Neff once a month basically for maintenance, and I am completely free of pain.

I think that it is important that doctors of all practices work with and recommend acupuncturists and chiropractors. I strongly recommend Dr. Neff and InMotion Center for anyone needing help of any kind. I would be more than happy to discuss with anyone that is unfamiliar with acupuncture the procedure. I think it is wonderful."
James T. H.

"I had such great results when I suffered back pain. When I recently had plantar fascitis, I called Dr. Neff to see what he could do to help me. I had immediate relief (from a pain level of 4-7), and after four acupuncture treatments, I was totally cured. My friends and colleagues could not believe my results as they had struggled with pain for weeks and had to wear shoe inserts for months.

I have very high confidence in Dr. Neff. He is very honest with me about what he can do and what he cannot do. I am a health professional and know how important it is to have care from someone who is competent and caring. He is both."
C.B., PhD, OT 

"I have been running competitively and recreationally for twenty years and in all that time have never suffered any major foot injuries other than a few small stress fractures. About nine months ago that all changed and I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. I went to three podiatrists before finally receiving treatment from Dr. Fitelson. The first podiatrist to treat me recommended a cortisone shot which initally helped, but after about six weeks wore off and the pain was worse than it originally was. The second and third doctors recommended platlet injections, which can be painful and very expensive. After making the decision not to pursue the platlet injections I was at a loss as to how to proceed and thought my running days were over.

Out of the blue I thought about acupuncture and was at a point with the pain that it couldn't hurt to try acupuncture, but only help. I scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Fitelson and from the very first appointment was convinced that she would be able to help me. After only three months and 10 sessions, I am back running again and PAIN FREE!!!!

Dr. Fitelson and her staff are knowledgeable, kind, patient, and professional. As a patient you will be made to feel that your concerns are of the utmost importance to them and your recovery and rehabilitation are not only important to them, but also a priority.
Thank you to Dr. Fitelson and her staff for all that you did for me!!"
Elizabeth Z.

"As a person who suffers from a chronic disease, endometriosis, I have found acupuncture to be very helpful to my overall health.
The symptoms I typically suffer from include abdominal pain, digestive problems and fatigue. After receiving an acupuncture treatment , I notice that I have more energy, I am able to think clearer and feel peaceful. The digestive problems I experience also improve after a few days of receiving acupuncture.
I now believe in the benefits of receiving acupuncture and often recommend receiving it to my clients."
Sheri L.


"It was Father's Day, one month shy of three years from the time my husband and I had started our journey to becoming parents, that we finally got a positive pregnancy test. We tried the standard one year on our own. The next year and half was filled with medical tests, lots of needles, tears, and no answers. We went through three IUIs and two full IVFs and were left with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility and that our best chance at starting a family was embryo adoption. Frustration is not the right word to describe how we felt after hearing everything looks perfect but there was no explanation as to why it isn't working. We were not ready to give up hope so I decided to turn to Dr. Fitelson and acupuncture to see if by some miracle there was something more that could be done. After the initial appointment and MEAD analysis I finally had an answer because everything was not normal! I was relieved in a way to hear Dr. Fitelson tell me that there were imbalances in my body and that she could help! Three months later I finally saw something I had never seen before, two little lines. Thank you Dr. Fitelson for helping me inside and out believe that this was a possibility, and in the process helping my eczema, stress level, and swelling from an old injury...added bonus! I am now the mother of an amazing miracle and am so glad that I gave acupuncture a try and never gave up hope.

Baby Announcement is in the mail! I delivered two weeks early as she had stopped moving (short cord come to find out). Everyone is doing well. Thank you for everything."
Katie B

"I am writing this letter to recommend Dr. Sharon Fitelson. I began seeing Dr Fitelson for acupuncture after several months of trying "conventional" treatment with medications for infertility. The treatment was expensive and I did not like all the side effects & potential long-term effects of the medications. I began treatment with Dr. Fitelson & within a few months I found out I was pregnant. My husband & I were thrilled!!

I also have a Mixed Connective Tissue disorder which has caused me problems with pain in my joints. Again, I did not like all the side effects of the prescription medications available to treat my disorder. Dr. Fitelson has also treated me for this with acupuncture with amazing results. I have not had any pain in my joints for months!!

I plan to continue to see Dr. Fitelson even after my baby is born. She has been a great help to me. I would highly recommend her (and I already have) for treatment. She is a very kind, caring & knowledgeable practitioner."

"Dr. Fitelson and Dr. Neff ,
As an employee of lnMotion Health Center, I have seen several patients achieve wonderful results through chiropractic and acupuncture. I've use.d chiropractic regularly for 3 year and have had great experiences with several areas, including relief of back pain and headaches, and over all feeling good. Also, I've experienced acupuncture several times in the last few years to help boost my immune system when starting to feel sick, and boost my energy.

Recently, my husband and I were trying to conceive and were having trouble. Eventually, my doctor determined that I needed medication to help me ovulate regularly. I was told that it would take about 3 months after starting the medication for it to begin to take effect.

I spoke with Dr. Fitelson about this, and we decided to begin regular treatments of electric acupuncture and adjustments in addition to the medicine. I had also been taking Juice Plus for over a year. After just 1 month on the medicine and 4 weeks of acupuncture and adjustments , we found out that we will be having our first child-much sooner than we, or my doctor expected.

I firmly believe that it was the use of the Juice Plus, acupuncture and adjustments that helped my body respond so much quicker than originally expected. I would recommend to anyone that they use acupuncture or chiropractic for any condition they have. Your body will respond well when you give it what it needs to function properly.

Thank you to Dr. Fitelson and Dr. Neff for your recommendations and treatments."
Stephanie S


"Dear Dr. Fitelson,
Thank you for treating and curing my baby of his acid reflux. Since birth, he had been extremely fussy most of the time and had several daily bouts of inconsolable crying which included arching his back and outright screaming. As new parents, my husband and I were at wits end. Nothing we did seemed to make the baby comfortable and it broke our hearts to know that he was in some sort of pain. At one and a half months of age, Cole was diagnosed with silent acid reflux and prescribed medication for it. The medication helped his symptoms a little bit but didn't completely alleviate them even after switching to a stronger medicine. He took the medicine for a month but we worried about side effects. We read about chiropractic as an alternative treatment for reflux and decided to give it a try.

After you gave him his very first chiropractic adjustment in early May (at 3 months of age), he showed no signs of reflux and was finally a happy baby. We discontinued his medication and continued with a series of chiropractic treatments over the month of May. It's been over 2 months since that first adjustment and he hasn't had any reflux.

We can't thank you enough for your help. Cole is now the sweet and happy baby we had always dreamed of."
Regards, Tanya L

"Dear Dr. Fitelson:
I just had to drop you a note updating you on my son's progress since taking part in the Acustim program. Last year, Danny, 8 years old at the time, was going through some very difficult times. He would have such terrible tantrums that it got to the point where I was scared just watching him act out. His face would get red, he would sometimes throw himself on the floor, scream out that no one loved him and various other disturbing behavior. Afterwards, he would say he was sorry and that he couldn't help himself and I believed him - he seemed so out of control. I was at my wits end trying everything from time-out (what a joke!) to restraining him to having him write sentences over and over again, etc...

Finally, after someone told me to call your office, I was ready to try anything to have my little boy able to express himself in a way that wasn't harmful to him or anyone else. After (6) sessions of electric acupuncture I have absolutely seen a wonderful difference. He has not had a single episode where he has thrown himself on the floor or screamed at me. He has had some outbursts (but what little boy doesn't), but now he readily says he is sorry and is able to talk about the problem.

Thank you so much for the much needed help and my family wishes you the best in your practice."
Sincerely, Deni

"Dr. Fitelson,
Thank you so much for seeing Benjamin. We have to admit we hesitated to have a chiropractor see our 4-month old, but we were seeing very little result with physical therapy alone for his torticollis! After 7 weeks of physical therapy you adjusted him and after our third visit to you, he was moving his head freely from side to side. He used to look right and straight ahead and stop because of his neck-we cannot thank you enough for suggesting chiropractic care and for doing such an amazing job!"
Marsha and Dave


"I have dieted since I was 9 years old. I've followed Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, very, very low-carb diets, diabetic diets and Jenny Craig, among others. I maintained a trim figure through my late 30's by eating 1,200 to 1,300 calories daily and exercising a minimum of 2 hours daily (more on weekends). By exercise, I mean ballet, weight training, jazzercise, aerobics, pilates, yoga and mountain biking over the years. If I deviated from this regime, I gained prodigious amounts of weight quickly.

Polycystic ovarian disease and hypothyroidism contributed to my becoming insulin resistant and after many years diabetic. In January, 2012, I began the weight loss program at InMotion Health Center with Dr. Neff. By the end of June I weighed 60lbs. less. My sciatica was gone. My blood sugars (as measured by AlC blood tests) had gone from 6.4 to 5.5 (normal). My cholesterol dropped into a very healthy range, and my Medical Internist agreed I did not need to begin statin medications he had previously felt were indicated. He also reduced my oral diabetic medication by 1/3. I found myself cooking again with only varied fresh and wholesome food, no "diet" frozen preservative-laden fare. Everything tasted better.

It has been a year and I have kept off almost all the weight and maintained the health benefits as well."

"I approached Dr. Fitelson about the Shape Reclaimed program after years of increasing difficulty with my weight. Put simply, I got to the point where I was uncomfortable with my weight and its effects on my body but could do nothing about it myself. Nothing worked, not even things are supposed to work like eating well and exercising. Worse, my weight just kept edging up.

Within a week of beginning the Shape Reclaimed program my body pain went away. I hadn't even realized I was in pain but all of a sudden my joints didn't hurt and I was moving with more ease. I noticed I was walking differently, more naturally. It was striking.

I eventually lost 50lbs and have been able to maintain my weight since completing the program by staying away from gluten, refined sugars and processed foods. I understand now why I was putting on the weight and was unable to lose it- it was the food I was eating and the inflammatory response that was being generated. There were periods during my weight loss phase when I stalled and started to get worried but Dr. Fitelson was really supportive. She has continued to support me as I deal with anxieties about maintaining my health, which includes maintaining my weight but so much more. My body and I are no longer "enemies".

 I would definitely recommend the Shape Reclaimed program to anyone who has fought a stubborn battle with their weight. The program and the tremendous support from Dr. Fitelson and the staff at InMotion were so empowering! Today, I feel and look better than I ever thought I would again. Maintaining my health, and my weight, is no longer such a mystery."

"I had been struggling with 20-25 lbs. that I had wanted to get rid of for a while. It was always the same words I would hear from family and friends “you’re fine, you look great, stop obsessing over this” but it was a bigger picture for me, at 57 years old I wanted to be the best I could be which included the healthiest I could be and of course look good and feel good about myself. I want to be around for as long as possible so anything I could do to help that process I was going to do, I just needed to find the right program and boy did I!

I started the Shape Reclaimed program through In Motion Health Center with Dr. Greg Neff on September 19th and reached my 24 lb. weight loss goal on November 14th. With the help of Dr. Neff and his wonderful team I received not only the support I needed, but a genuine feeling of happiness for me as I felt for myself. Any question I had was answered, any support I needed I received. Every week when I would get weighed and see losses they cheered me on.

The plan provides you with the right foods to eat and they are foods that fill you and keep you satisfied. The most important thing that I have learned from this program is how you eat is how you feel. Eating the right foods and feeling good from doing so improves not only your health but your frame of mind. While on this program I had more energy, I slept better, and the aches and pains that I suffered from back and hip pain got so much better!  
This was my first holiday season that I was able to treat myself a little bit but never strayed from my goal weight. I remember being so nervous to begin the maintenance phase for fear of getting sloppy but thanks to this program I now have the tools and the knowledge to keep on track.  
I have definitely made a lifestyle change thanks to this program and I will always be eternally grateful to Dr. Neff and In Motion for all of their help and support. I already have recommended this weight loss program to others and will continue to do so in the future!"

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