How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

  • By Dr. Sharon Fitelson
  • 21 Jan, 2016

It’s not about what you lose, but what you gain - a lifestyle change that will turn your life around!

How to Lose Weight and Stay Heathy. A Lifestyle Change that will turn your life around!

Having practiced medicine now for 35 years, I have seen diets come and go and become fads for a while. I have even participated in some of them over the years. The term “diets don’t work” is not a cliché because the results rarely last. Most diets focus on weight loss as the primary intention and not on becoming healthy. Metabolically speaking, the body cannot keep weight off if it is inflamed and diseased.   The fat comes back out of protection and need as inflamed tissue is a magnet for water and fat retention. 

5 years ago I was introduced to SHAPE ReClaimed and it made sense to me due to my education regarding health and well-being. I decided to try it for myself along with another staff member before bringing it to InMotion’s patients. Not only did I feel great on the program, but I became more energetic, my mind was clearer and oh, by the way, I lost pounds and inches that needed to go.

SHAPE ReClaimed is not about what you will lose as much as it is about what you will gain!!!!

Many people who are challenged by their weight are chronically stressed out. Stress is a major player in hormone imbalance and affects our entire system. Not all of us recognize our state of stress due to coping mechanisms and efforts to overcome the deleterious effects.  Stress hormones hold onto fat. Too much stress then shows up around the belly which sets us up for many problems from type 2 diabetes, heart disease to cancer, and dementia.

Belly fat is inflammatory and immunosuppressive in nature. Other fat is insulative and protective and necessary for energy. The body’s innate intelligence recognizes which to use and which to store. Unfortunately, the most prevalent food in today’s world is inflammatory. Sugar, meat, alcohol, dairy and caffeine especially daily and in excess, are the reason that so many people are putting on too much weight and inches.
How to overcome obesity in a safe and effective way. Natural weight management

If we starve our bodies or over exercise we are creating stress. These are two dietary strategies that often fail. What we need to do is to feed ourselves a nourishing balance of foods that will keep us more alkaline than acidic, fill us up with enough energy to go through a day, and change our metabolism to prevent recurring inflammation and weight gain.

Our program works so well, not only because it is based upon sound nutritional and physiological concepts, but also because it is Physician assisted. We train and develop patients to participate. Coaching is a necessity, and accountability and partnership create a safe and trusting environment for the mindset. One must be committed to make it work. With commitment, then come the tools and ultimately the results!!

Weekly urinalysis monitors the body’s reaction to the strategy.   We change the balance of foods and or supplements to meet the needs of each individual. No two people are alike and therefore this is specifically tailored to the patient’s needs. Baseline weight and inches are monitored throughout the program.

The body adapts on a cellular level to better health while the pounds and inches are lessening.  We have reset the metabolism to not crave certain foods and to be comfortable with small portions. At this point we teach strategies to keep the body in good balance with the weight and inches off. The plan doesn’t end with weight loss . How great is that?!!!

As previously mentioned, SHAPE ReClaimed is not solely about what you LOSE but what you GAIN. Food is fuel and can be our best medicine. Treat your body to a new experience now… it’s never too late!  


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By Dr. Gregory Neff 27 Mar, 2017

When I first moved to St. Louis, I used to suffer from seasonal allergy discomfort that would sometimes last for weeks. But what I notice now from getting seasonal acupuncture maintenance is that I no longer suffer and symptoms are minimal especially when treated early and they often disappear altogether.

We all spend a great deal of money on items that impact our health, whether it be on junk food, pharmaceuticals and emergency care, or on organic groceries, free-range meats, food supplements and gym memberships.   A strong immune system is not only a reflection of our every day choices but also a strong inner constitution. The reality is that we have control and choice on how we build and maintain a healthy immune system. Imagine those seasonal allergies, routine infections, the recurrent colds and flus or even your family’s autoimmune disorders being a distant memory. It can happen.

Why do only some of us react to an allergen but others are just fine? Can it be the strength of our immunity? The immune system consists of various organs and organ systems--the thymus, spleen, lymphatic and adrenal glands, etc.--that must work in synergy. These systems work in perfect synergy to ward off viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds, and mutations to DNA (our genetic expression).

While some choose prevention others come in for symptomatic relief, both are effective. Along with acupuncture we utilize Chinese herbs and other supplementation that builds the immune system. Natural antihistamines, thymus and spleen builders also potentiate the effects of acupuncture. We can and do make a difference. Unfortunately, as increasing numbers of Americans fall victim to preventable chronic degenerative diseases, they flood our hospitals and expect their doctors to fix them.

Acupuncture, the original holistic medicine, emphasizes balancing the electrical energy in the ENTIRE body. Acupuncture stimulates various energetically conductive points on the body that are found on pathways known as meridians. Illness or dis-ease occurs when there are blocks to this energy. By stimulating certain points, we open up the flow, and health can return.

The Immune System is strongly influenced by the lung and large intestine meridians, as well as the liver , kidney , spleen , and stomach meridians. Imbalances in these meridians can be revealed by pulse and tongue diagnosis.  Our equipment can measure the flow of chi (energy) throughout the body and produce a beautiful picture/graph showing imbalances. Often, people can be helped in just a few weeks. If we catch your illness in the early stages, the treatment will open channels so the illness does not occur or fully develop.

Acupuncture can be performed on children with light pressure, gentle tapping and stroking of the appropriate points. Adults often get needle or laser therapy, as they can generally tolerate the longer periods of “quiet” required for full acupuncture treatments. Both ways are effective, as long as the patient is comfortable.

The bottom line is if you’re tired of the repeat cold or flu or just tired of always feeling sick and tired, this form of care can be the answer. Acupuncture is a treatment modality aimed at assisting your body’s natural balance without harmful chemicals or other invasive procedures. Consider a tune up soon for yourself, your children and your entire family.

-- Dr. Gregory Neff  
By Dr. Sharon Fitelson 09 Jan, 2017

To be as healthy as possible, you need to change the right things. What better time for a change than the New Year??? The New Year reminds us of change, yet the best time is when you are READY! The emotional eating, couch potato syndrome and seasonal affective disorder common in the winter has many of us not feeling well, gaining weight and just plain feeling blah! Resolutions are cliché, yet the resolve to change can be inspired and augmented by a partner who is committed to your goals and needs.

Oftentimes people jump on the next fad and get a good start, yet lose steam after awhile as it is too hard, too uncomfortable or the results just aren’t coming. As a physician studying and practicing Lifestyle Medicine for 37 years, I have learned that one must optimize the body’s resources to help achieve lasting results. A physician needs to approach a patient's individual needs to get the body “doing the right thing”. There is no one size fits all program.

Conditions like obesity, depression and malaise, diabetes, high blood pressure and/ or cholesterol, insomnia, inability to handle stress, and generalized aches and pains can all be tied together and basically remedied over time with a comprehensive approach. Just going to the gym or cutting out carbohydrates may not be THE answer, but are certainly part of the solution.

Inflammation is the cornerstone of many of our diseases and you do not have to be overweight to be inflamed. While belly fat is surely inflammatory, even thin people have inflammation stored deep inside their cells and arteries.  There are so many different ways to assess this condition and it MUST be eradicated to be a part of any lasting heath solution. Blood tests, Urine Analysis and Hormonal Saliva tests in addition to a thorough dietary assessment are key to uncovering the extent of the inflammation.

Most of us are actually eating an inflammation-promoting diet, so that habit, coupled with excessive stress, becomes part of our dis-ease profile.   Need the proper enzymes and minerals for our hormones to function well and for us to digest our healthy food. Eradicating certain foods while enhancing the balance of others will certainly make a difference over time. Having a less acidic pH is key to achieving the first step of de-inflaming your body. Of course ridding your body of toxins via exercise, water and good sleep patterns are complimentary to our goals of a healthier you.

The body will adapt to destructive or productive changes that you make. Why not make 2017 the year of coaching and training your metabolism to work FOR you? Check out our Shape ReClaimed program to be better informed. Ask the doctor if this program is right for you or if there is another way to go that suits you better? We want the best for you! Gaining health, while lowering stress and losing weight is a great plan for every one.

About The AuthorDr. Sharon Fitelson , Chiropractic Physician, is the founder and clinic director of InMotion Health Center in St. Louis, MO. Dr. Fitelson is committed to empowering others to take care of themselves. A natural extension of this has been education, of herself and of others. As an avid speaker in the St. Louis area, she lectures widely on Health and Wellness, Exercise, Diet and Nutrition (for adults and children), Golf, Skiing, Carpal Tunnel, Women’s Hormones and Losing Weight (men included), Acupuncture and Stress. 

By Dr. Sharon Fitelson 14 Jul, 2016

We treat chronic misalignment and pain all day everyday as Chiropractors. As biomechanical engineers, we look at the big picture and how it contributes to the problem.   Most times chronic conditions need to be corrected with exercises , yet proper alignment comes from the foot up and needs to be addressed as well. Bearing weight over a lifetime can alter how our entire kinetic chain works.

The kinetic chain begins at the foot when it plants and then pushes off. If the arch is too flat or too high and / or just weak thereby rolling over, then problems can be transmitted into the shin, knee, hamstrings , hip, low back and up the spine even to the head. All of the muscles need to adapt to the forces that are being placed on them from our infrastructure or bones, and so our bodies create “ posture ”. As we adapt to these forces then, if not found and then corrected, we are left with chronic pain.

Chronic pain therefore needs a complete assessment from the feet up. At InMotion Health Center part of our assessment is to have the patient walk down the hall and observe how their feet plant and push off and thereby how the knee and hip and on up is affected. Orthotics are often recommended as part of the long term plan after the pain is gone and when the exercises are in full swing as part of the rehabilitation.

Our orthotics are custom fit in house by the doctors and mold instantly to your feet in the weight bearing position. Each individual orthotic is adapted to the foot as needed with wedges, lifts and foam pads and can be changed over time as the foot does change. They are comfortable, low cost and adaptable. The orthotic comes in different thicknesses so they can be ordered for sport/workout shoes or even high heels and or dress shoes.

I have been an orthotic enthusiast for years and wear them always when exercising and walking a lot. My feet pronate which means they roll in as I push off when walking.  These mechanics then torque my ankle and my knee. The stress on my knee has weakened it over time and thus has affected my hip and low back creating an increase in the curve. Luckily, Chiropractic adjustments, proper exercise and orthotics have saved me from years of chronic pain.

The takeaway is that you do not have to have foot pain to benefit from orthotics! This can be a part of a prevention program and is well worth checking out to see if there is a need.

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