Hormone Consulting

Hormones are chemical messengers and everyone has and needs them to function optimally. Sometimes only women consider them an issue as peri/menopause can be so pervasive. The truth is that men also go through andropause which is the male equivalent of menopause and are very often affected yet do not know it. Children of course maybe affected. The issue with hormones is to find out first what symptoms you are having that may relate to hormones. Then find out what you actually have circulating in your system via blood , saliva and or hair analysis. After that is accomplished and the balance or lack thereof is established, one must replenish. 
 Oftentimes we work to balance the hormones with what we call “Lifestyle Endocrinology”. This technique includes diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation and enjoyment. Our goal is to help institute a balance and appropriate lifestyle approach and function as coaches in this process. We integrate the process with our massage therapists and exercise personnel to craft a program that works for the patient’s goals and lifestyle. The doctors also implement supplementation and or acupuncture to assist. A consult with another physician maybe needed as well. 

At InMotion Health Center hormones are evaluated via saliva testing and hair analysis. Blood tests can be analyzed as well and are most reliable if the hormone tested is “bound” vs “unbound”. Dr Fitelson believes that hormones such as Thyroid, Adrenal and Testosterone should be evaluated as well as Estrogen and Progesterone. These analyses are different for each time of life and or condition and are the picture of a complete panel.

conditions treated

Conditions that are often treated at InMotion Health Center in St. Louis, MO are varied. Infertility is quite common and is becoming an epidemic as more couples are struggling with it. Fertility treatments are well documented in the literature on Chinese Medicine. Often acupuncture, nutrition, and stress relief are effective treatment (See section below for more details). PMS is treated as well with diet, and nutiritonal supplementation effectively. Peri-menopause, which includes symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, foggy thinking, weight gain and loss of sex drive are very commonly treated as so many women are now over 50. Other conditions that are treated are irregular menstrual cycles, endometriosis and uterine fibroids, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and various pregnancy issues such as morning sickness, breech position, induction of labor and post partum depression. Men are also treated for many of the same conditions including the male menopause, andropause, prostate hypertrophy, hair loss and decreased libido.  

treatment options

Treatment options are varied and specifically tailored to each individual patient. Consultations about weight loss, Osteoporosis, detoxification, depression and anxiety, and nutrition are common. Treatment plans include diet and supplementation, hormone replacement, exercise prescription, Chiropractic care, massage and acupuncture. Many treatment plans are blended, being tailored to each specific woman, with holistic principles in the forefront.

goals of our care

Goals for all care include empowering each man and woman with resources and self care to be able to continue to be as healthy as possible. Reducing the risk of the chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and osteoporosis can be instituted at an early age. As age advances aging gracefully is an option that is often overlooked. 

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