Chiropractic is gentle yet effective treatment of disorders and structural imbalances involving the bones, muscles, nerves and joints of the body. With chiropractic care an emphasis is placed on the correction and rehabilitation of structure, function and flexibility of the human frame.

More and more people are seeking chiropractic care because they want a natural hands-on approach to treatment, to postpone or even avoid the use of drugs or surgery. While chiropractic has been referred to as “alternative” medicine, it is quickly becoming main stream as research and results show the pervasive effects of chiropractic not only on the body but on the mind as well.

InMotion Health Center’s staff of chiropractic physicians has over 50 years of collective experience in treating their patients and designing treatment plans that are unique to the individual and their needs. In addition to manipulations (adjustments) to the spine, treatment plans may include such modalities as electro stimulation, muscle-release techniques, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, traction, massage, core stabilization, exercises and acupuncture. Our doctors will create the plan based upon YOUR needs and goals. Our doctors see their skills as being “complementary” to that of a traditional doctor.

Our goal is to relieve pain and prevent future degeneration while stabilizing and strengthening the supportive soft tissues. We welcome difficult cases.
Conditions treated at InMotion Health Center, pain in a body

Frequently treated conditions at inmotion health center

Frequently treated conditions at InMotion include:

• Low back & leg pain
• Neck & arm pain
• Headaches
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Automobile accident injuries
• Sports injuries
• Extremity pain & injuries
• Scoliosis & other postural faults
• Pregnancy
• Pediatrics
• Well patient care, prevention
• TMJ Syndrome 
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