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We have various chiropractic care home products available for purchase at our office (pick-up only, no delivery).  

Comfort Neck Pillow

Buckwheat trigger point pillow that can be heated or frozen to provide relief to chronic tension that builds up in the shoulders.

Neck pillows for sleeping

Designed to support the natural curve in the neck when sleeping on your side or your back. The memory foam helps to maintain traction and the curve.

Neck traction devices

This is a rehabilitative tool to help to recreate the natural curve in the neck that is so often lost from accidents and bad posture.
Neck Traction Device, recreate the natural curve in the neck, rehabilitative tool
Designed for gentle relaxing traction to stretch the neck muscles and relieve headaches.
Neck Traction Device, stretch the neck muscles, relieve headaches

Low Back Pillow

Great support for the low back in an office chair, car seat or even a sofa. This pillow is our biggest seller as they “fly” off the chairs.

Low Back Brace

This brace is very helpful for acute low back pain and helps in the recovery process as the muscles get a chance to relax.

Sacroiliac Brace

This brace is great for acute pain in the sacroiliac/hip joints. It dampens the movemet of the joint which allows the inflammation to recede.

Exercise Stability Ball

This ball provides an unstable surface which is used in “back friendly” core stabilization. It is used for homework in our posture and core programs.

Foam Core Roller

An excellent tool to massage and roll away tightness at home. It is also used for exercises of the core.

Exercise Bands

Excellent for strengthening the entire body and they are very portable for trips. They come in different tensions which provide flexibility and advancement as one gets stronger.


"A Revolutionary High-Tech Process Allows You To Mold State-Of-The-Art Orthotics Directly To The Foot."

State-Of-The-Art, In-Office, Custom-Made Orthotics 
The BIOTHOTIC molds instantly inside the shoe to create a custom made orthotic. It utilizes an innovative molding technique, which substantially facilitates the fabrication of functional orthotics and their posting.
Orthotic-Before, InMotion Health Center in St. Louis MO
Orthotic-After, InMotion Health Center in St. Louis MO
The BIOTHOTIC comes pre-cut to shoe sizes and comprises a special foaming resin, encapsulated between the bottom shell and top cover.

  • Custom fitted on site.
  • Ultimate comfort.
  • Low cost.
  • Excellent patient's acceptance.
  • Can be adapted as foot changes.
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